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Research Findings - Interview of 10,000 Muslim Professionals Across Six Countries Including UK, USA, France, Canada, Australia and UAE

1. Do your regularly search for Halal Products?

2. Would you prefer Halal financial products if they were readily available?

3. Would you buy a Halal financial product if was a little more expensive than a conventional product but it did not compromise Islamic values, in other words there was no element of Riba (Interest ) involved in the transaction.

4. Do you feel that Islamic mortgages are Halal and Transparent?


Marketing opportunity


  • 15 Million Muslims In Europe.
  • 2 Million Muslims in UK.
  • 75 % 35 Years old.
  • 500,000 Muslim owned cars.
  • 400,000 Muslims owned homes
  •  100,000 Muslim owned business
  • 10,000 Millionaires’
  • 7% contribution to the UK GDP.($ 1 Billion.)


Population Density


  • 70 % Live in 723 postcodes’
  • London 1M +
  • Birmingham East Midlands
  • Lancashire
  • Scotland.


Research Findings


  • 83% Search for and buy Halal products.
  • 90% would be interested in Halal driven financial products.
  • 86% would be happy to pay more for a Halal financial product.
  • 90% felt that the existing mortgages were not totally halal.

Product developed to customer needs.

Over 90 % of Muslim professionals felt that existing mortgages were not Halal we have therefore developed The Sirat home finance plan in response to customer needs.

Sirat is a leasing plan that gives the customer the option to purchase shares and invest in a property without compromising the Muslim value system. Click here for more details.

It is up to the Muslims to offer a halal property finance alternative, the Muslim community are insistent on  totally Halal financial services, and would be happy to pay a little extra to stay within the boundaries of the Shariah.

We have developed a product that adds value to customers, and differentiates itself to other products.
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