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Sukuk Specialist Advisory Unit

The key reason behind Sukuk

Any self–sustainable robust and dynamic Islamic financial system must be able to regulate, manage control over its liquidity thus a Sukuk is considered an appropriate tool to provide liquidity in the Islamic and increasingly non-Muslim market place.

Sakk (plural “Sukuk”) a more appropriate term to use is “Islamic Investment Certificates” holders have ownership in the underlying assets. Therefore each holder shares the generated revenue and losses. Holders have the right to the proceeds of the realisation of the Sukuk assets.

Sukuk Structures

Sukuk can be built on a variety of contractual components.

Fixed Income Sukuk

Similar structure that replicate the payment profiles of conventional bonds are found in many fixed income Sukuk. (Western investors see them as debt based instruments)

Equity based Sukuk

Share in profit and losses are found in Equity-based Sukuk or revenue sharing Sukuk where the yields on a project are shared by investors and companies.

Capital Risk sharing Sukuk

These kinds of Sukuk are based on assets that incur capital risk.

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